Fierce Marriage Book Review

Fierce Marriage by Ryan and Selena Frederick isn’t your typical marriage book! From the beginning of the book the authors claim their book is not just helpful and it’s not just hopeful, as some marriage books tend to be. Their book is both helpful and hopeful. I found this to be true over and over again in the book.

I was a bit distracted at the beginning by some platitudes and a really long drawn out story. When the story ended however, the book picked up. I felt like the explanation for the super long story was mediocre at best. I wanted to have a clearer understanding why they spent the time they did at the very beginning of the book to tell the story. The beginning of a book is such a critical time to grab the readers attention and keep them reading. While I never understood why they included as much detail to the story as they did, I understood what they were generally trying to say with the story. I wished the beginning of the book would have been different.

That aside, I loved the book from there on out. The authors don’t take for granted that the reader knows what basic scriptural concepts are. They clearly explain the gospel and why it is so important for marriage. Scripture is constantly referred to. The part I love the most is that the authors don’t focus on solving symptoms, on putting a bandaid on a broken marriage. They clearly state that it’s only through heart change, brought on by the gospel, that marriage can be fierce! YES!!! When I read that I almost said “YESS!!!” out loud. I loved how genuine the authors were. They talked openly about their struggles and built a rapport with the reader in such a great way.

Overall I would give this book 4 stars. They have great experience to share and everything is explained through the lens of the gospel. Great book.

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I received a copy of this book from Baker Books in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts stated here are my own.

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