am i enough?

am i enough?
By Grace Valentine

Do you ever feel like you just can’t keep on? Feel like you can’t meet expectations? Want to be someone different? Feel defeated and want to hide? As women, I’m sure we have all felt these things at one time or another. We believe lies about ourselves and about God even. This book is for you!


Young women today are constantly told they are not enough for this world — not pretty enough, not smart enough, not exciting enough, not spiritual enough, and just plain not good enough. The barrage is constant. The consequences are real. The damage often feels permanent.

As a young woman herself, Grace Valentino has felt the pressure of trying to survive in a toxic culture, let alone thrive. But she’s had enough. With an engaging combination of honesty and humor, Grace uses her story to confront the lies the world tells us every day — lies such as:

  • You are beautiful because a guy told you so
  • Love must be earned
  • You should forget your past
  • You will never be enough, and more.

Am I Enough? is a line in the sand. It is a declaration that we will never be enough for this world because we were not created for this world. Instead, Grace reminds us that we were created by Someone better for something better. We can choose the One who has chosen us — the One who says: “You are enough for Me, My child. Come as you are.”

About the Author

Grace Valentine is a popular blogger who founded the Enough Movement. Her readers love the fact that she is young, ordinary, and relatable — they say her fresh voice helps them navigate their own faith and life. Grace’s mission is to help those who have struggled like she has to find their worth in Someone who truly is worth following. Grace graduated from Baylor University in 2018 with a degree in Journalism, and she is currently the Content and Curriculum Coordinator for the student ministry of First Baptist Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

(From the Back of the book)

My Thoughts

I love the cover of this book. It is appealing and draws you in, making you want to read what’s inside. When I opened the book I found Grace to be genuine and relatable. She tells her stories throughout the book and uses them to illustrate her points. The audience of this book is girls in high school, college and in their twenties, however, all women can glean some valuable lessons from this book. The stories center around the ages of college and below, which may make them a little far away from some readers but I’m sure we can all remember times in our lives where we had similar experiences. The book is divided into sections based on lies that we tell ourselves or hear from others, and believe. Each chapter in the section deals with related topics that combat the specific lies we believe. I love the included synopsis of Bible characters and how the author uses them to further illustrate her points. I did find a little less use of actual scripture and the actual word God/Jesus than I expected. For example, on the back cover even, she uses “Someone” instead of being specific. There seems to be a lot of commentary which out balances the Scriptures and what God says. But this might be an easier way to understand the topics for a younger woman who may be a less mature believer. I do love how relatable she is. Her writing style is quick and easy. She’s encouraging but not enabling. It seems she truly believes what she is writing and it’s encouraging to see how she has combatted these lies in her life with God’s help. Overall I give this book 3.5 stars.

I received a copy of this book from Book Look Bloggers and the publisher. This has in no way influenced my review. All thoughts are my own.

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For more information about Grace Valentine and her ministry visit her blog Enough

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